Next to a Private Chef a Personal Chef is the next best thing!

Trying to juggle work, home, eating healthy or sometimes just eating?? Then A Personal Chef is for you..This service is generally for busy families, busy professionals singles looking to eat healthier who need help getting a healthy and fabulous tasting dinner on the table.  A weekly menu is customized to fit the client’s palates and health needs. All shopping is done for the client.  Meals are then prepared in the home, the kitchen restored to its previous stated and the food stored in the proper containers. Warming intrustions are left on 3×5 index card along with any special notes in regards to the food.

Each Entrée includes 2 sides including soups, salads, pasta, rice, grain, vegetables and a sauce.

$325 3 Days Entrée with 2 Side Dishes(12 Meals) + plus the cost of groceries

$350 4 Days Entrée with 2 Side Dishes(16 Meals) + plus the cost of groceries

$375 5 Days Entrée with 2 Side Dishes(20 Meals) + plus the cost of groceries